Hire Game Ready Cryocompression Today!

Decrease pain, spasms and swelling, naturally and without narcotics.

The latest technology using ice and compression.

  1. Reduce swelling and pain

  2. Advance recovery time

  3. Rebate available with private health insurance

Game Ready is the number one recovery technology for thousands of patients, elite athletes, athletic trainers, professional teams in every sport, special military forces, and the world’s foremost orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine doctors, and physical therapists. For acute injury and post-operative recovery, the easy-to-use, portable cold and compression system is clinically proven to decrease pain, muscle spasms, and swelling, while improving key physical therapy milestones – naturally and without narcotics.

Compared to traditional RICE applications (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), the Game Ready System offers more therapeutic benefits, therefore improving outcomes for patients.


You can hire the Game Ready system for two weeks or for an entire month. Now you can have your own therapy system at home, ready to use and enhance your recovery 24/7.

Simply hire online and then pick up the Game Ready system from our partners:

  1. Snap Fitness Karalee - 3 Perseverance St, Chuwar

  2. WOW! Mobility & Rehab - 4/160 Brisbane Rd, Booval

Includes 1x sleeve of choice (Straight knee, ankle or hip).


Rebates are available from many Private Health providers, when you hire a Game Ready to assist your recovery.

Speak to your provider to confirm your eligibility.


If you’re looking to recover from injury or surgery as soon as possible, your recovery starts here. Hire a Game Ready to take home today.

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