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Transform your fitness by exercising the right way to optimise your body & avoid injury!

Are you as far along as you’d thought you’d be by now with your fitness/strength/weight loss?

Or maybe you’re not confident with some of the fancy looking equipment we have but really want to give it a go?

Or you might be ready for a bit of a kick up the butt and some accountability to help you maintain momentum over the pending “new year” season?

If any of these stand out for you, let’s have a chat about how we can fast-track your goals and then run build a structured workout plan tailored for you.

Over the course of 2 training sessions with a coach, regular accountability and face-to-face individualised training sessions helps you to maintain momentum on your fitness journey so you can:

Feel confident in your own skin

Improve your health

Reduce risk of lifestyle-related diseases

Improve your weekly activity

Be a positive role model

Session 1: Movement Screen and equipment overview

Session 2: Outcomes-based movement plan, based on your experience


Workout on-the-go by gaining access to my exclusive Loz Life MyPTHub Training App!

Your new lifestyle begins with a warm welcome to your new workout home. You can access your workouts, meal plans, programs and your results whenever and wherever you like. Log your food intake too, allowing us to give you real time feedback as the day unfolds.

This app includes amazing features to help you maintain your momentum during and between Personal Training sessions:

  • Your own personalised profile
  • Measurement tracking
  • Progress photos
  • Barcode scanner for easy logging of menu items
  • Meal plans (where applicable)
  • Shopping lists (where applicable)
  • Improve your habits, improve your life!

Benefits of the MyPTHub App include:

  • More accountability
  • 24/7 support
  • Workouts in your pocket
  • Access to program upgrades