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Re-stimulate your circulation & recover from sitting too much or injury.

Many leading athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts around the world currently use this technology. NormaTec uses a patented massage pattern that works on different parts of the body. There are devices that attach to the arms, hips and legs. These are sophisticated systems that effectively mimic the natural motions of the arms and legs to remove metabolites and fluids from the limbs after intense activity. The pulsing movements are helpful for preventing injuries and accelerating recovery time.


No need for expensive sessions. Now you can simply hire the specialist equipment, setup in in our controlled environment and have a self managed session without the added expense of the specialist themselves.

Sessions held at Snap Fitness (Karalee)

Normatec Compression sessions are held at Snap Fitness Karalee (3 Perseverance St, Karalee). You DON’T have to be a gym member to attend.

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